Thai Industrial Standards Institute is a government body that regulates the norms and rules the product flow in the market. TISI offers certification of approval to products under application. However there are voluntary and mandatory rules to be followed. Zergo helps people waiting for TISI certification. The main objective is to assist foreign clients who are unaware about the process of approval. A client from abroad may not know about the ground reality in a different country. Therefore, we are here to enrich your knowledge regarding the functions and history of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute.

The Thai Industrial Standards Institute which provides TISI certification was established on 1 January 1969 by the Ministry of Industry under the Industrial Product Standards Act B.E 2511. Why was TISI established? The main role of the body is to perform standardization activities across the country. The products manufactured have to be best quality. The TISI certification is given to those products that do not harm the environment or the consumers. The safety and protection of people of Thailand is most important for TISI. How does TISI ensure best product quality? There are TIS standards that specify test methods, procedures, guidelines, and other classifications for production and manufacturing.

How does Zergo help with TISI certification?

Zergo helps overseas companies with TISI certification for mandatory standards. We arrange the best laboratories for testing of your product. The laboratory conducts the test and sends the report to TISI. Along with a laboratory, Zergo also provides its clients with TISI accredited auditor for inspection of the manufacturing unit. The process involves various stages and piles of documentation. Zergo eases every stage and smoothens any hurdle in the process of TISI certification. Do not wait for months to get your product in the market if Thailand. Join hands with Zergo and get your TISI certificate as soon as possible.