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Are you a product designer, manufacturer or distributor planning to expand into the lucrative Thai market? Don’t embark on your certification journey without a specialist Thai product certification partner on your side.



We are a specialist Thai product certification agency with several years’ experience in the electronics and telecommunications markets, along with other industries. Our lab partners in Thailand carry out any required testing.

About Us

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the Thai product certification process is too complicated and slow. Our Founder wanted to improve the experience by making it faster, simpler and less frustrating, so that more international companies would choose to import in Thailand and more of the world’s most expertly designed and manufactured products would therefore be available for Thai citizens to choose and enjoy.


We wanted all customers to come away from the Zergo experience with a true Thai ‘smile’, based on our four pillars of helpfulness, excellence, keeping things simple and speed.


Since then we have relentlessly focused on:

1) Cutting our customers’ time to market

2) Simplifying our customers’ certification journey

3) Strengthening our working relationship with the Thai government agencies who regulate the sale of products

4) Strengthening our local network of testing laboratories and other associated suppliers here in Thailand


We continue to be the trusted product certification partner for international manufacturers who want success in the Thai market.


We are located in Bangkok, Thailand. As your trusted certification partner, we offer certification know-how and assistance for product approvals for NBTC and TISI certifications at a pocket-friendly budget. We take care of all Thai government communication and can employ a local representative if your certification requires it.


You get the certification you need via email – no fuss, no hassle.

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