Looking for a local, helpful and experienced agency to help you through the TISI certification process?


How can Zergo help me get a product TISI certified?

If you are an overseas manufacturer or factory and would like to export your product within the scope of TISI’s mandatory standard to legally sell in Thailand, then we are a good match. Please note that we help with TISI certification for mandatory standards with imported products only.

We help you to arrange the testing process of your product at a TISI-accredited laboratory. In order to do that, we will need to find a relevant testing body accredited to conduct the testing to a particular standard for your product. Once your product test is complete, the laboratory will send the test report to the TISI.

We lighten the load of factory inspection

While factory inspection is primarily concerned with processes, not products, the way a factory manages its processes affects the final product and helps ensure that it conforms to the consumer requirements. In order to obtain the TISI certification, TISI also states factory inspection requirements for what a factory must do to manage processes influencing quality.

To lighten your load, we play a preeminent role in arranging an accredited auditor to inspect your factory to a particular standard. And before doing that, we will provide reliable guidance regarding the list of documents needed ahead of time, to make sure your factory fulfills safety characteristics and others defined in the TISI’s factory inspection requirements.

To make a long story short…

Zergo performs a series of steps of the TISI approval process including application preparation, overseas factory inspection, product testing and more. Because TISI-certified products imply a guarantee of product conformity, we offer you a solid solution for TISI certification requirements and standards to get your product certified.

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